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      craigr replied to the thread DS Audio 003.
      Thanks. DS has multiple levels of both the cartridge and the pre/energizer. Their literature says you can "mix and match". Does anyone...
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      craigr replied to the thread DS Audio 003.
      Which DS "phono amp" (forgot what they call their box that "interprets" the signal from the cartridge and connects to your preamp)...
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      craigr replied to the thread Tube pre amplifiers.
      You may want to consider VAC Master preamp. XLR and RCA in and out. Two tubes. Very full, coherent, "musical" presentation with a...
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      craigr replied to the thread Denali v2 vs Everest.
      I initially bought the Denali and found that with a Sigma power cord to the wall and Sigma cords from components to the Denali, there...
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