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    Dedicated audio room build thread aka The Big Dig

    Congratulations Hugh. The Gryphon Kodo looks like the ultimate speaker system, especially placed in your incredible acoustic listing room. Please keep posting on your installation and setup. Back in the late 80's I owned the Infinity Beta system with separate bass towers with crossover, but...
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    Ozark Season Four

    Has anyone thought about the scene in the first episode of Season 4. We see the Byrde family in a car traveling on a highway when all of a sudden their car serves to avoid an accident and rolls over. Since we could not think of any connection to the rest of S4/E1-E7, we think this scene may be...
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    ASTRONOMER: We Think We're Close To Finding Life On Another Planet

    Fascinating story. I watched the CBS 60 Minutes episode on it last Sunday. A lot of things need to go right for this to be successful, but the scientists said they've looked at every possibility. If they do find aliens I certainly hope they don't consider humans a threat:D Looking back in time...
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    Linda Ronstadt's "Lose Again"

    Linda Ronstadt, an incredible natural voice and singing style. Stopped by a rare brain disease called progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). A form of Parkinsonism that is distinct from Parkinson's itself, PSP is a motor disorder that causes problems with walking, balance, eye movements...
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    EMM Labs DA2V2 versus Verity Monsalvat Pre-2

    I haven't auditioned either of your choices. But I do own the EMM Labs DV2 which reportedly has the same technology as the DA2v2. The main difference with the DV2 is that it has it's own integrated volume control. That allowed me to sell my preamp since the only other device I have in my system...
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    What Do We Mean By "Resolution"?

    Sterophile's list of audio terms ( gives this answer: definition (also resolution) That quality of sound reproduction which enables the listener to distinguish between, and follow the melodic lines of, the individual voices or...
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11

    Larry David is one funny man with no sense of social shame:-)
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    2-Channel Subwoofer Integration

    The reduction in vibration smear in the stereo speakers due to Sub-bass being handled by the subwoofer, and the dedication of the stereo amp to those speakers increases the clarity and presence of frequencies >90Hz in my case. I'd say the use of the CR1 is at least an equal trade off...
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    2-Channel Subwoofer Integration

    Barry Ober has more than 35 years research into the best methodology for the easiest and most comprehensive subwoofer integration and system alignment, including speaker imaging. I've read most of his website and used his techniques to integrate my JL Audio F212v2 with my 2-channel system. Bass...
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    Magico M3 vs M2

    I'm thinking of the M2 coupled with my JL Audio CR1/F212v2. But I haven't auditioned either speaker yet. It will be next year before I can do that. BTW - I'm currently using the Boulder 1160 and EMM Labs DV2.
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    Boulder 1160

    Do you have a EMM Labs DV2 that you noticed an appreciable difference when you used a Boulder 1110 pre amp?
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    Protection and clean power

    The best I've found is the Ansuz Mains8 DTC Power Distributor connected to a good surge arrestor (SurgeX, Cyberpower). Michael Borresen has a stellar reputation designing speaker and cable products (Nordost, Raidho, Ansuz). The Mains8 DTC version is expensive but there are models bearing the...
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    Boulder 1160

    I recently purchased a Boulder 1160 from Suncoast Audio in Sarasota Florida. I've owned many good amplifiers such as Jeff Rowland and Krell to name a couple. But I've never owned an amp like this 1160 that controls my Raidho D3s like this amplifier. The mids and highs are completely unstressed...
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    Are CDs Digital or Analog

    This was published by 6Moons as part of a description of the PS Audio PerfectWave components. An illuminating description on analog vs. digital I had never read before. You can read the full article in the link at the end of this post. CD isn’t really digital: Since 1982 when Philips and Sony...

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