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    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    YG's frequently demo'ed with Tenor amps at shows
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    The Sound of Analog, the Sound of Digital

    I think the only "processing" is the speaker system Xover? One possible disadvantage is that with a digital Xover one's system automatically becomes multi-amped, adding expense and possible complexity (matching amps to drivers, as opposed to matching one amp to the Xover))
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    The Sound of Analog, the Sound of Digital

    If there is A>D conversion there should also be D>A conversion somewhere in the electronic chain, does it really matter where? I suppose if DSD had a high enough sampling rate it might not need a D>A conversion?
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    Are there sonic differences between tape transports?

    For turntables, in addition to speed constancy and isolation (both of which differ significantly and measurably between 'tables, even expensive ones), there are the mechanical and electrical interactions between the table, arm, cartridge and pre-amp; so I don't think it's reasonable to say...
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    Are there sonic differences between tape transports?

    The top end tape transports probably contribute noticeably less than the various preamps to eventual differences in sound quality. Turntables have a lot more going on mechanically than tape transports, where the only significant variables are likely speed constancy and tape to head contact...
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    New to the forum: high end music server with Roon Core and 3 x dedicated linear power supplies

    I understand the reasoning, and do appreciate that this is not a "mandatory" feature. Preferred reference pitch has changed over the centuries, and it is interesting to follow the progression and philosophy behind those changes; certainly nothing mandates that A=440 will remain the reference...
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    New to the forum: high end music server with Roon Core and 3 x dedicated linear power supplies

    A 30 cent change in pitch, especially down (there is a reason this is called "flat", as opposed to "sharp"), disqualifies this from serious consideration for music lovers, IMHO. For some listeners, with only instrumental music, it might be only occasionally objectionable, but vocals will be...
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    My feels about this forum

    What is "Mid-Fi" and what is "Hi-End"? Unless your speakers' radiation pattern is only horizontal, ceiling and floor are also reflecting surfaces
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    Are Transports Obsolete?

    Ripping Bluray Audio and SACD's is still a multistep process using unusual hardware and/or software, requiring significantly more time and attention than ripping CD's or just playing the discs. Anyone can decide they don't care about the sound quality or the music available in those formats...
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    Keith's Dream Amplifier Thread

    Actually I like the fact that you are seriously investigating amplifiers that many would consider too "low end" for your speakers. Since I don't think any of the responders own the Hailey 2.2's, their opinions mean even less than usual (since ultimately yours is the only one that matters). I...
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    Keith's Dream Amplifier Thread

    The KT77 is a different breed of tube, and although I have not done any personal testing there does seem to be a prevailing opinion that it is Gold Lion’s best effort, at least by the yardstick of how it compares to NOS KT-77’s.
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    Keith's Dream Amplifier Thread

    True, it's hard to imagine the Gold Lions really being close sonically to any number of NOS 6922's (of which I have a few pairs)
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    Keith's Dream Amplifier Thread

    While I suspect these will not quite be what you are looking for, I'll bet PS Audio will let you have them for a pretty extended home trial, giving you some time to check out several other candidates at the same time.
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    Doctor's Orders-Part Two-The New Listening Room Of Steve Williams

    my experience with the dampers (similar to many other reports from users) is that improvement (or not) is dependent on too many factors to make a prediction without trying them. Tube type, specific tube (i.e., brand and type), mounting, circuit used, rectifier vs. output vs. input, etc all come...

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