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    New Reel to reel from Analogue audio France TR1000

    I'm sure will be a nice machine, but the look reminds me of that awful RCA faux reel to reel contraption from years back.
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    If tape is so good why does it record so poorly

    I spoke with John French at JRF Magnetics who experimented with the Bottlehead kit on the Otari and he advised the same - better to leave the machine as it was originally designed. If I had only the two machines, I would playback on the Studer and record on the Otari. A wise man once told me...
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    Are there sonic differences between tape transports?

    Easily addressed by adding a quarter-track head to the block - this is common and if you're in the US, JRF Magnetics can do that for you. However, given that you're looking to primarily play 4-track commercial tapes, you're splitting hairs sweating over which top-line mastering deck is going...
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    Nagra repair anyone!

    That's a big gotcha with the Nagra machines - no parts availability and little assistance from Nagra HQ.
  5. srs148

    Nagra repair anyone!

    *Marc Bischoff.
  6. srs148

    Studer A820 MKI vs MKII

    Really insightful, Alan. Thanks for sharing. Are the audio card changes worthy of making to older cards?
  7. srs148

    Nagra repair anyone!

    That's correct. I have 3 Pelican cases - two for machine 'tubs' and one that's formed to fit either 1 meter bridge and a control panel keyboard or 2 meter bridges. All three were driven from point of purchase in LA to Seattle for work (stands were shipped directly to me from LA via freight)...
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    Nagra repair anyone!

    According to Doc, Nagra Switzerland never provided him with the help, parts, and knowledge that they promised they would when he initially signed up to be the authorized service center in North America. What compounded this was that, apparently (heard via conversation), their long-time parts...
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    Selling my Studer A810

    When did Steve do the work? I haven't heard of anyone able to reach him successfully in quite some time.
  10. srs148

    Advice in buying a Studer A80

    Agree - $6k is an excellent price for a properly restored A80R/RC. My guess is $8k with meter bridge.
  11. srs148

    Studer A820 MKI vs MKII

    The following site provides some information the differences -
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    Nagra T

    Let us know if you end up buying the Nagra T, the UHA, or something entirely different. By the way, I'd echo @Mike Lavigne 's sentiment about the ATR102. Excellent machine, serviceable without a PhD, and incredibly flexible with the ability to swap head blocks & guides in 2-3 minutes as well...
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    FS: Ampex MR70 1/4" 2-track (stereo) 7.5 / 15ips tape machine - completely refurbished / ready for operation

    Additional photos available via the eBay listing and more will be uploaded. ---- Ampex MR-70 analog tape recorder, desirable and extremely rare with total production estimated at less than 80 total units built. Painstakingly restored by member Tom Bassi, his may be the cleanest, most...
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    Nagra T

    Assume that any Nagra T that has not been fully refurbished will need maintenance - if not immediately, within reasonable timeframe of purchase if being used on a routine basis. As Mike mentioned, Doc at Bottlehead was designated a Nagra authorized repair center early this year and has since...

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