1. TheClazMan

    HDMI to RCA not working on small B&W CRT.

    I have a 5.5" black and white portable CRT TV that I have been trying to hook up HDMI to for a while now. I am using a cheap HDMI to RCA converter which works fine on a regular TV but not with this one and I've tried switching NTSC/PAL to no avail. I have seen videos of people getting HDMI on a...
  2. E

    Belden Iconoclast cables

    I've been very surprised that the only place one can find reviews or even a thread about these newish high-end IC and speaker cables is on the PS Audio forum. They have gained a very good reputation there, and are being favorably compared to the high-end Nordost offerings. Granted that the...
  3. J

    In my experience...humble though it is.

    I use only one brand of cables...with only one clear methodology in mind. I like what I hear, and of course I might like to upgrade even further is due course, but will always go for source then components then cables...as a general set of rules. Of course there are no rules, and opportunity...
  4. U47

    FS: Classic Records RCA Living Stereo 180 Gram LP Reissues- Large Lot- Many sealed

    Sell individually or $1500 for the lot. Please PM me for more information. Classic Records 180 gm classical reissues Elgar*, Brahms* - Pierre Monteux - London Symphony* – Enigma Variations / Haydn Variations, Classic Records – LSC-2418, sealed Sibelius* - London Symphony*, Alexander...
  5. treitz3

    The best way to clean RCA contacts and tube pins in your experience.

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the forum. I have Caig Deoxit and I have been using that for years but I'm looking for a more professional cleaning process than just spraying on the Deoxit and wiping with a Q-tip or just letting it dry. My system gets a regular treatment yearly and the...

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