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  1. DevAAudio

    Wilson Audio Sasha DAW and Ypsilon Electronics

    This gorgeous system is on display at devAAudio in Kansas City. www.devaaudio.com. devaaudio78@gmail.com. 913-498-9768 call/text.
  2. DevAAudio

    Wilson Audio and Dan D'agostino now at devAAudio in Kansas City!

    devAAudio in Kansas City is proud and honored to represent Wilson Audio Loudspeakers and Dan D'agostino Electronics. It was very special to have Wilson's own Bill Peugh and Dan D'agostino's President Bill McKiegan in attendance at our launch event this past January. It was a fun and well...
  3. Ron Resnick

    Ampzilla 2000 Mk. II versus Parasound JC1

    Purely out of my own curiosity, and, for the avoidance of doubt, not in connection with Keith's selection of the Ampzilla 2000 Mk. II for his system, has anyone compared directly in the same system the Ampzilla 2000 Mk. II with the Parasound JC1? I was pretty impressed with how good the...
  4. DevAAudio

    Wilson Audio New Dealer Launch Party!

    devAAudio is excited to announce our partnership with Wilson Audio Loudspeakers! If you are in the greater Kansas City region please join us for our special launch event on January 23rd, 2020. We will be displaying Wilson Audio Alexx, Sasha DAW, Sabrina, and TuneTot!!! Announcement...
  5. Ron Resnick

    Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX West Coast Debut

    Maier Shadi, proprietor of The Audio Salon in Santa Monica, California, is hosting Peter McGrath of Wilson Audio who will present the Chronosonic XVX loudspeakers at an exclusive event on Saturday, November 9, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, at The Audio Salon in Santa Monica, CA. This premier event...
  6. Ron Resnick

    Wilson Audio Subwoofers With Other Companies’ Full-Range Speakers

    We almost always see Wilson Audio Watch subwoofers and Thor’s Hammers subwoofers and Subsonics subwoofers matched with Wilson Audio loudspeakers. Has anybody integrated Wilson Audio subwoofers with full-range loudspeakers made by other companies? Tell us about your experience. How did you...
  7. Ron Resnick

    Wilson Audio Thor’s Hammer or Master Subsonic Subwoofers

    Who owns presently or who used to own one or two Wilson Audio Thor’s Hammers or Master Subsonic Subwoofers?* These giant and heavy subwoofers are almost mythical in their size, cost and rarity. Unlike most modern subwoofers using enclosures barely bigger than their drivers and equalizers and...
  8. Ron Resnick


    In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the establishment of Audio Element in Pasadena, California, Proprietor Brian Berdan debuted the brand new Wilson Audio Sasha DAW, and hosted two days of festivities, demonstrations and live musical performances for industry manufacturers, reviewers...
  9. reverendo

    Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy audition near Dallas

    I am working on a loudspeaker upgrade and a friend recently strongly recommended that I give the Watt/Puppy combination a try. In his opinion their sound would suit me and they would fit my current situation well, especially due to the fact that I can't bring my speakers out into the room very...
  10. Ron Resnick

    Wilson Audio Master Subsonic Subwoofer

    Who has seen or heard the special Master Subsonic subwoofers which match the WAMM speakers? How does the Master Subsonic differ from Thor’s Hammer? What is the size of the drivers in the Master Subsonic? Is the Master Subsonic a completely passive box speaker which requires a Watch...
  11. Ron Resnick

    Einstein Silver Bullet OTL Mk. II Driving Wilson Audio Alexx

    I heard this afternoon the system of Danny Kaey, a Reviewer for Positive Feedback, which I think displays the fastest rise time in terms of dynamics, and the most instantaneous “jump factor,” I have ever heard (meaning ever). I visited Danny only for a couple of hours but from just a few...
  12. J

    FOR SALE: Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF - Desert Silver - NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED!

    This beautiful pair of Wilson Alexandria XLF speakers ($195,000.00 Retail) are in the highly sought after Desert Silver finish. They were manufactured April 2012. The factory crates and all original packing is included. These are the demos of Brooks Berdan Ltd. and can be auditioned and...
  13. Lildebs888

    Wilson Audio Announces Wilson Audiophile Recordings!!

    I am very excited to announce the re-release of our label, Wilson Audiophile, and our recordings which will be available for download SOON! Make sure to check out our website, Wilson Audio: High Performance Loudspeakers, tomorrow for more information Wilson Audio Announces Wilson...
  14. Lildebs888

    Wilson Audio Introduces the All-new Alexia (Offical Press Release Information!)

    Wilson Audio Introduces the All-new Alexia Alexia began with a series of simple questions: What would happen if we merged the time-domain accuracy of the Alexandria XLF with a form factor similar to the Sasha? Could we design a compact speaker that rivaled the coherence, musicality, and...
  15. Lildebs888

    Greetings from Utah!

    Hello everyone! I have been told by many friends about this site, and I thought I would pop in and check it out :) Let me introduce myself: My name is Debby (Wilson) Beaman. I am the proud daughter of David and Sheryl Wilson of Wilson Audio. I have seen Wilson grow from when it was in our...

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