AC Preamps: Impera II & Impera Signature

Aries Cerat

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May 30, 2015
First, both DACs are in my personal conversation for best DACs under 100k.
As for sonics, a good car analogy would be that the Tambaqui is like a Caymen GT4, while the Kassandra II is like a 911 Carrara 4.
The Tambaqui more about speed, detail and air, while the Kassandra focus is more on dynamics, power and analogue sensibilites. If the potential buyer is going to add a Aries Cerat preamplifier and amplifier, then the choice edges towards the Kassandra, (especially when using the high gain outputs of the Kassandra), as the Kassandra was originally designed to be a reference source for all the electronics and speakers that were developed subsequently.

These distinctions are subtle, as each DAC is still outstanding in the areas I mentioned where the other DAC shines. One really can't go wrong with either DAC. The choice comes down to personal preferences and system synergy.

That is a very diplomatic answer :) Even secretary general Guterrez would be proud


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Dec 12, 2015
Principality of Liechtenstein


Mar 8, 2015
He sells both.
Not to offend anybody :p
No offence taken at all!

I sell both because I love both, and I chose these DACs after auditioning literally dozens of contenders in this price range that I could have chosen to carry. My personal DAC trilogy under $100k is and will remain the Kassy II SIG, the Kassy II REF, and the Tambaqui. Period.

If one's budget extends to the Kassy II SIG, this is a clear choice for the best of the three under discussion.
However, the choice between the Kassandra II REF and the Tambaqui is much more nuanced. Notwithstanding my politically correct answer, I tried to elaborate on the differences between these two rermarkable DACs.

In this day and age, there are SO many manufacturers looking for legitimate dealers, and distributors (especially in North America) that one simply does not have to carry products that one doesn't truly believe in.

Music First doesn't and won't. Not ever.


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