Are computer front ends now 100% superior?

Tim F

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Jun 11, 2018
I'm reading more and more about custom PCs and the ultimate PC choice the Taiko Extreme. The consensus I'm seeing is that PC computer based audio, Intel / AMD based, is now superior to all other digital front ends and can be classified state of the art. I'm comparing this to units like the Aurender w20 etc. This is pushing me down the DIY PC route (which isn't cheap) as the Taiko Extreme is out of my budget. What are your findings when comparing?

Thanks, Tim


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Jan 14, 2020
Superior to what though? I think it’s far from superior.
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Sep 22, 2019
If you weren't pushed down the DIY route some time ago success may be elusive. Even outside a highly impacted market for materials you would need to collect in some form impacting the entire audio industry.

What's Best is removing need to buy now from the equation and providing yourself a base to experiment with. Having something (decided upon by intelligent wide ranging thoughts) outweighs lacking something more expensive or higher rated. Being possessed of an active mind with active goals is the best form of audiophilia

Disc playback should not be eliminated as an option. Today will yield a tomorrow with new opportunities. Necessity is the mother of invention. Lockdown(s) followed by need to forge forwards with creative solutions will impact the landscape.

Drivers make a world of difference once you've begun to do everything else right in CAS. Software delivered to work with your hardware in general has a large impact. Be that a custom BIOS, OS booting off a USB stick, or phalanx of 'solutions' to individual problems.

Discuss everything you wish to attempt with others who are more knowledgeable. Not just more willing to express an opinion from a point of authority. If it was easy to arrange consumer hardware into a server non pareil all the kids would be doing it. Then everyone else would be trying to improve it yet further. There might be a hint in this last somewhere if you really want to do CAS. :)

Good luck

P.S. This program came to mind as a bit of DIY offered freely. Possibly worth a few minutes read to decide if it would be a fun diversion to attempt for you.

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