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Light Harmonic Announces Audio Association, Distribution of Vitus Audio and Alluxity
Companies will show together in Venetian Tower Rooms #29-121, #29-122 at 2014 CES
January 4, 2014- Light Harmonic, manufacturer of the DaVinci DAC, is pleased to announce the formation of a new division, Audio Association, which will distribute Vitus Audio and Alluxity products in the United States. Industry veteran Steve Holt, who recently joined Light Harmonic as Director of Sales, will have the same role with Audio Association.

“I’m excited to be able to offer Vitus Audio and Alluxity to U.S. dealers,” said Holt. “Vitus is known worldwide for its Stereophile Class A+ electronics, and they haven’t had a U.S. distributor in several years. The Alluxity products bring great sound and really cool connectivity and user interfaces to the party, and they really are a brand to watch.”

“We’ve exhibited with Light Harmonic at audio shows for the last few years,” said Hans-Ole Vitus. “We have similar commitments to design, sound quality and build quality. It seems like a natural partnership, and we’re glad to finally have a distributor in America. Although we’ve had some success dealing direct with U.S. dealers, we have not had the presence or support we’ve needed, to grow in this important market. We’re very happy to have a vital partner here.”

Audio Association and Vitus Audio will be exhibiting together in room # 29-121 of the Venetian Tower at the 2014 CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10. The system will showcase Vitus Audio Signature Series components: the SL-102 Linestage and the brand new SM-011 Mono Power Amplifier, a 100-watt, highly-upgraded version of the award-winning SM-010. The Light Harmonic Da Vinci DAC will process files sourced from a modified Mac Mini. The system will be given voice by the Wilson Audio Alexias; Stillpoints racks and Fono Acustica cables and interconnects will be featured.

Audio Association and Alluxity will be in room #29-122 at the Venetian; the system will
feature the Alluxity Pre One and Power One (preamp and 200-wpc stereo power amp, respectively); the Light Harmonic Da Vinci DAC will be fed by a ReQuest Audio “The Beast” music server. Speakers are Wilson Audio Sashas, and Stillpoints racks and Purist Audio cables and interconnects will be utilized.

“These are two kick-ass systems that will really give a taste of how amazing the Vitus and Alluxity electronics are,” said Holt. “I invite all my friends in the industry to come by to listen and chat. We at Audio Association are proud to be bringing something really special to the U.S.”


“We look forward to having a major presence in America,” said Vitus. “It’s been a long time coming, and we’re happy to have a strong partner in Light Harmonic/Audio Association. We expect big things from the U.S. for years to come.”

About Light Harmonic

Light Harmonic was founded in Sacramento, California in 2010 with the goal of producing the finest-sounding digital audio products in the world. The company produces the industry-leading Da Vinci DAC ($20,000), Da Vinci Dual DAC ($31,000) and the LightSpeed USB cable ($999-$1999). Its LH Labs division recently introduced the “Geek Out” portable USB DAC/headphone amp and “Geek Pulse” desktop USB DAC/amp in crowdfunding campaigns which raised nearly $1.5M.

About Vitus Audio and Alluxity

Vitus Audio A/S was founded in Denmark in 1995. Founder Hans-Ole Vitus spent 8 years in R & D before offering the first Vitus Audio amplifiers in 2003. Known for world-leading technology, aerospace-grade construction and ultimate sound quality, Vitus Audio products are sold in over 20 countries and are listed in Class A+ of Stereophile
magazine’s “Recommended Components” list.

Alluxity is the brand name of audio components produced by AVM-TEC, founded by Alexander Vitus Mogenson. Alluxity products feature industry-leading user interfaces, modular construction and state-of-the-art sound quality, at less than state-of-the-art prices! Alexander is the son of Hans-Ole Vitus and Britta Mogenson, and has been involved in design and production of Vitus Audio products for several years. AVM-TEC also produces electronic modules for OEM and hobbyist usage.

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