CTH-8550 mkll


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Aug 31, 2014
Anyone heard the new CTH-8550 mkll ?
A dealer said the amp part is basically a stereo version of the 108 model 2.
I wonder how it compares to CH I1 similar price range.


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Apr 20, 2014
I haven't heard the Mk2, but thought the Mk1 was a sweet & musical sounding amp. It isn't a particularly high current amp, but given the right load it is a sweety.
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Dec 22, 2015
They did some upgrades and switched to MKII sometime late last year.


I did ask Dartzeel about it. The changes were described as ”evolutionary.”

Forgot to note that from what I understand, Dartzeel does make changes to their product without generating a new model number. My recently returned cth-8550 mk1 had its phono card replaced as well as another piece at recommendation of dartzeel
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