Generic, Simple Audio System Manager?


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May 14, 2018
Wasn't sure where to post this. Its not about computer audio in the musical sense but in the communications sense.

Audio Problems During online Meetings.
At work I use Skype For Business meeting software. Most attendees have little familiarity with PC/Win7 audio device controls.

It's common during the initial join-in of each attendee for one user's audio to drop their mic or not play on their correct right speakers. It throws the meeting off track while we troubleshoot the attendees audio problems.

I'm looking for a *Generic* audio utility - A simple visual overview of all audio devices on a Win7 PC.

The goal is then to give this to all corporate PC users, regardless of their particular sound system hardware/PC, that shows what is plugged in, what speakers are current playing audio and then allows the user to select which mic or speakers to use.

I cannot find anything like this in the past hour of googling. I assumed I'm not the first person to want a something like this.

I'm hoping that someone with PC audio system expertise may have seen something like this functionality in one of the various Window's mixer board applications that might do something similar to what I need it for.


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