HRS audio isolation rack

Jan 20, 2019
Actually under my AURALIC G2 Streamer I tried to put 3 more nimbus at the bottom of the streamer ( its already in the HRS stands ) but once I turned on the system, the sounds was very hazy ,,, almost like the life was taken out of the voices mainly in the HF, I was hoping I didn't go crazy so I asked the wife to come and verify ( without saying anything) she noticed it right away stating the sounds was kinda dead and that the sound yesterday was way way better, at the point I asked her to wait and I went and removed the Nimbus at once ,, went back to the seat. ,bang ,,,, the sounds went back to normal ... I can't believe how much difference it actually did ! I mean the AURALIC G2 case is very very solid build to begin with , and now I am wondering if I should remove the NIMBUS off my DAC too lol ! but for better or worse , I have to say that the NIMBUS does work for most cases , but maybe too much can be too much ?
Mar 24, 2017
Yes, nimbus can have that effect so you need to try them out. I used to use nimbus under everything including power distributor, power conditioner and cable networks and found it slowed everything down so I removed them. The system is currently very dynamic as I now only have nimbus below the digital front end and preamp but I'm getting another set of vortex shortly to try on these components to see if there's any difference. Unfortunately with these types of things not only do you need to try and see but one person's slow is another person's perfect.
Oct 15, 2018
Have any of you experienced too much of a good thing with componrnents directly on m3x shelves no additional tweaks?
Oct 22, 2011
Have any of you experienced too much of a good thing with componrnents directly on m3x shelves no additional tweaks?
I have nothing between my components and the HRS shelves. I don’t plan to either.

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