In search of my last great loudspeaker


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Feb 3, 2019
Hey Marty. I'm sure its a stupid question, but why did you say the bass will always be 1/2 cycle out of phase as its lags in time without DSP. Is that becasue the bass your refering to is behind the main speaker. It doesn't have anything to do with the electronics, does it. If you push the bass forward, you can time in the bass correctly?

I also found your speakers to voice great at a more near field position. More immersive. But it is an amazing recreation of sitting in a hall at a live show when your in the listening position you selected. I thought it to be a very versatile speaker. I now at times move my chair a couple feet back to alter the perception in my system. Thanks for teaching me that.

I was a bit surprised at how your speakers did not sound like any Wilson I have heard. They really didn't sound like anything. It was just music. Pretty much every other Wilson system I have sat in front of sounds like Wilsons to me. That was a real surprise to me. You have done an amazing job with your room and equipment.
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