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For those of us that have been involved in this wacky obsession that we all share there is a name that stands out as a giant in the realm of loudspeaker design, beit DIY or commercial. That name belongs to Jeff Bagby. His work is regularly used by many contemporary loudspeaker manufacturers, as well as many weekend warriors.

I have been Jeff's friend for over 30 years. Even before he married his lovely wife Chris... back in the old 1200 baud dialup Madisound BBS days. Most of you probably don't even remember 1200 baud! It was a great time for hobbyists that would eventually become builder / manufacturers. So much was learned back then and Jeff and I would burn up (?!) the Internet talking about speaker design and other weighty topics.

Here are a couple of links to a small part of his research and efforts:

Jeff had a kidney translant a couple of years ago after a time of wondering what his health problems really were. As a result he is immunocompromised and has been up and down with chemo, infections, weight loss/gain... everything that goes along with treating a serious disease. During this time he has never, NEVER lost his positive outlook. He (as I) is a Believer in God and the Power that lies therein. His outlook has never wavered. His bags are packed for Home, whenever that may come. I am not ready to give him over the that and as a result I'm posting this here for anyone that may wish to help.

There is a GoFundMe page to help with all of the BS that goes along with critical illness. He has been an engineer/plant manager for Chrysler, but the insurance coverage has limitations. Because of ths I am soliciting anyone that would care to share the financial burden... more for Chris' state of mind than anything else. She is a wonderful, loving, supportive lady. She needs the peace of mind to be able to attend to what is really important: getting Jeff well, recovering and back home.

Here is a link:

During this time of societal panic when we probably don't know a single person that is ill from COVID19 here is a REAL person that we can all help. If you really want to have an impact on the health of our nation, loved ones and people around you, please start here. I can think of no better cause. Give $5.00 or a $1,000... it doesn't really matter. Please: just give something to a person that has made all of our musical enjoyment lives better.

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