Kassandra Reference Mk2 - Ode to Joy


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Nov 4, 2012
Sofia, Bulgaria
As you know we have full LE system, except for the Talos LE. We have already Incito S and Impera II. We even have Helene, I am in love with.
Yet, nothing prepared me for Kassandra Reference II. How is this possible... the moment you think you figured it out, Stavros comes up with another trump. From the first second I was floored. Everything in place - blackest background, space around instruments, soundstage limitless, timbre to kill for, as analog as top turntable, and most importantly reaching your heart and soul, like nothing else, well almost, other AC stuff notable exception.
The mighty Isis raised for the occasion - meaty as never before, classical music just unbelievable, full of right substance. Texture - top notch.
One might expect - when you hear the full LE system, everything else down the ladder is anti climax ... quite the contrary - every step of fabulous AC journey is rewarding experience.
AC is never, ever boring or ordinary. That’s may be biggest achievement from designer ‘s perspective.

Sorry guys, you might ignore my posts as ads ... Noooo, it is not at all adverts, in fact I am sick of it. I just can't stay silent. Please take some time and listen to Aries Cerat component or even better full system. You will be glad you did, even if not your cup of tea. What I share is my very honest experience, and I have excellent judgment IMHO.


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owen lawlor

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Jul 30, 2010
WOW! Sounds like you have it going on. Have you compared the Kassandra to the MSB dacs?

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