MBL Owners, what has been your speaker evolution?

Ki Choi

Member Sponsor
May 13, 2010
Seattle WA area

B&W 801s -> Brentworth Sound Labs-> Maggie 3.5Rs -> B&W N802s -> Klipshorns -> SoundLab A1s -> B&W N800S -> Maggie 20.1Rs -> MBL 101E MkIIs -> the end.



WBF Technical Expert (Speakers & Audio Equipment)
Sep 6, 2010
Seattle, WA
The end indeed :)

I had the pleasure of listening to Ki's system, and it was one of the most musically enjoyable I've listened to..... and the source wasn't even tape! The mbl's certainly worked well in a very asymmetric room that would have been hell for most loudspeakers.


WBF Founding Member
Apr 20, 2010
Metro DC
Obviously he does not live in a hotel room

Ki Choi

Member Sponsor
May 13, 2010
Seattle WA area
Obviously he does not live in a hotel room

The room isn't ideal at all. It's slightly better in size than an average hotel room with just 8' ceiling and all windows in the back with left 101E located about 9' from the wall behind and the right 101E located only about 4' due to oddness in construction of the room.

Only the MBLs had been able to give me relatively satisfying bass and imaging even from non-audiophile lowly CDs. The Soundlabs A1s that just about touched low ceiling came pretty close but it was high maintenance ordeal at best.

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