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Nov 8, 2013
What was the problem? It sounds like some emails are good, and others bad.
Bud - On my Outlook email, I would receive "some" emails from my customers / potential customers but not all... Seems like my Outlook incoming mail server doesn't like some emails... for instance, if I send a "test" email from my new gmail account, it never appears in my Outlook inbox (it's not in the junk mail folder either)...

I can't figure it out... thought that my Outlook email was overcrowded/overfilled, so I subscribed to "Office 365", which has more email storage... still not receiving quite a few emails... Found out when I received 1/2 dozen messages on FB Messenger.... This really annoys me since I ALWAYS respond to email inquiries within 24 hours (usually within 6 hours!)!

Any ideas would be appreciated...


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