New Hydra performence line products (S12, A12, D6) vs DPC-6


Apr 27, 2017
I run many network devices (which uses SMPS adapters) for my audio system such as a router, 2 fiber optic switching hubs, 1 hub tuned for audio etc... and am searching for ways that can enhance the power quality supplied to the above digital devices and block noises polluting audio system

Last summer I came to know about Shunyata's DPC-6. But at the same time I hearld DPC-6 was discontinued and new product would come out (Hydra S12, A12, D6). So I have waited and at last those products become available here in Korea too. (Currnetly I have Triton v3 and Typhon)

So.. I just wonder that the performance level of those new products against DPC-6.
For example, does Delta D6(entry product among the 3 new products) outperform DPC-6?
(Even though DPC-6 was discontinued, a dealer still has a stock)

If someone could share experiece or widsom, I'd be appriciated.

Thank you
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