Speaker Depreciation - Raidho D5s


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Jan 7, 2018
The $75k speakers are dealer demos and come with the warranty, I believe they're the D5.1 also while the .1 upgrade lists at $32K and includes the 2 big names flying out and replacing necessary parts and drivers! That the seller let them go for $20k instead of negotiating an upgrade is curious.

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Feb 14, 2020
Portsmouth, UK
A friend has been trying to sell a pair of Raidho D5s on another audio site. These speakers are a few years old but but in very nice condition. The MSRP at the time was over $200K. After many weeks in the market, he has just lowered his asking price to $19,950 (yes, no joke)!
By way of total contrast, I bought a pair of Avantgarde Uno speakers new in about 2004. I paid £4200 after a reasonably generous dealer discount. Last year I found a pair of used Duos, so advertised the 15 year old Unos for £4200 - and sold them easily for the asking price. Depreciation - NIL. Not a penny lost after all those years. I anticipate my 2006 vintage Duos will retain their value just as well.

Again by contrast, before I found the Duos, I had decided to replace the Unos and thought Martin Logan electrostatics would suit me - after having experimented a couple of years earlier with Quad 2905s. I listened to their new Expression 13A system at a showroom and read very encouraging reviews. However, possibly though no fault of the ESLs, they didn't sound as good as the old Unos in my room - by a significant margin. So, after 3 months, I offered them for sale at 40% less than the £18000 UK retail price. Now a year down the road, still no real interest. Pity as they'd be a great buy for someone with a more conventional room than mine.


Apr 25, 2019
I heard the $150k model (forgot which one) at axpona last year. Many systems, to me, were better at 1/3 the price.


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Apr 20, 2010
Pleasanton, CA
Darn, and I was just about to put all of my retirement money into high end audio futures. That was close.......


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Jan 16, 2011
Alto, NM
Brands with customer loyalty, product value, defensible pricing and manufacturer integrity (Pass, CJ, etc.) minimize their depreciation and others do not. Educated, informed consumers know or should know which ones do and don't. It's that simple.
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Jan 7, 2018
Common sense. I listened to a $300 pair of bookshelves from paradigm today that had no business sounding so good. PT barnum was right.


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Feb 11, 2011
Certainly frustration with the uber high retail costs of most audio equipment exists. And Raidho arguably employed questionable sales strategy. But considering audio is a risky niche industry, there are many tactics used to increase sales. Model obsolescence using new "features" is another example.

How many of those that have criticized Raidho actually have experience listening to the brand? Michael Borresen, educated in physics, arguably designed a unique tweeter, creating a speaker with superior imaging and articulation.

Adding a crossover/subwoofer to augment the low end which almost all speakers benefit from, extends the palpability of this really good speaker.


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Jan 7, 2018
Ive owned a couple different brands where I had a pair of their statement speakers and then a similar spec’d but affordable model a couple levels below and in these cases the difference was really recording dependent on how much better the statement product was. On crummy recordings the less resolving speaker was a relief even if the really good recordings weren’t rewarded with layers of buried detail. Listening to the cheap stuff is a good way for me to keep my head when I’m about to spend more than the car my wife drives costs.

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