The Tape Project Is Restarting


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Oct 22, 2011
They have a new release, The Chieftains from the Boarding House, which is a Bear's Sonic Journals release, and it seems as though they will venture into more titles.

From the forum:

Perhaps you have heard...since we sent out an email newsletter announcing it...that we are changing the way we do some things here.

For a long time we have been trying to keep all of our titles in stock. This takes a lot of resources, and they are never all in stock at the same time anyway. So we are going to let some of the titles go out of print when the current stock run out. We have a lot of albums ready, and a lot more in the middle of production that we will finish. All of these will still be offered for sale. Eventually they will all be gone, and we do not anticipate making more copies of those older albums after that.

This is the current list of the titles will go out of print when current stocks are depleted. This may change over time, and we will update this thread when it does:

001 Jacqui Naylor
002 Dave Alvin
004 Robert Cray (we will do one more run, then it will go out of print when they are gone)
005 and 006 are already out of print
009 Mose Allison
011 Linda Ronstadt
012 The Staples Singers
014 Respighi/Copland
017 Little Hatch
018 Clifford Brown (we will do one more run, then it will go out of print when they are gone)
019 Nojima Plays Liszt (we will do one more run, then it will go out of print when they are gone)
021 Kurt Elling
026 Oliver Nelson
029 Istomin/Mozart

We will continue to stand behind our products, and we will be here to support our customers. The forum will still be available. It's a wonderful source of useful information for tape users, and we will be making it even better.

We will keep making a few of our older titles, but will manufacture them in response to demand. In other words, we won't make them to keep on the shelf, but will do short runs when we have enough requests.

These changes are designed to let us focus more on new projects.

When we began the company our idea was not just to have a company--we three who founded it already had other companies chugging along nicely. We started this one to introduce an idea, to make a point, and to share with music enthusiasts something which we knew to be very special. We are pleased that we were able to demonstrate the beauty of music recorded and released on this format, and gratified that an audience embraced it. And we are actually pleased that other companies have started releasing music tapes, and as a result there is much more music available on tape. We have decided to focus our company more on what we can do best. This refers to new titles of course, but we also have some other ideas which we'll be able to talk about when we launch them.

All this reminiscing about the early days reminds us that we also wanted another chance to address all of you who have been part of this experiment, many from the beginning, and express again how much we appreciate your involvement. Our bonus was the community that grew around it, and the enthusiasm that you shared with us. So this is a big, big thank you.
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