What have you heard BEST of the BEST Systems do that GOOD/ VERY GOOD Systems Don't?

The best systems transcend the bad aspects of even poor and compressed recordings allowing you to separate the garbage from the mix while listening. They also separate vinyl noise or tape hiss from the recording so you don't even notice the noise. You can seemingly just push it to the side and hear the recording. The best systems "transcend the noise" IME.

Good systems can have you chasing the best recordings to enjoy your system with, but do not seem to pull off this magic trick of enjoying more recordings, the way the best systems can IME.
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Nov 1, 2018
to me, a great system sounds like it does not have a volume control. it sounds like real un-amplified music. Quiet is quiet, yet you can hear decay and air like the performers are right in front fo you. Loud sounds like a real crescendo without sounding blaring loud but with ease and effortlessness like real orchestras sound.

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