What Vintage Piece of Electronic Gear Did You Wish You Never Sold


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Apr 20, 2014
This MC240 was a labor of love, that I totally rebuilt, and should have never sold. Especially when I sold it for a nice price to its "forever" home. I later learned they turned around and sold it for a hefty profit.
Ouch...that's gotta hurt :(. But take heart. I sold a 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 for $12.5kAUD back in 1998 that is worth $40kAUD today, and continuing to increase in value. Cest la vie.
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Gene 15352

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Feb 19, 2013
Ontario, Canada
Not vintage but I miss trading in my Duson amp, pre and cd player (Phillips Transport) back in the early 90's. 50 W Class A, imported from the Netherlands. Smooth sound. Should have hooked up a turntable with it. I'm sure it would even sounded better.



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Nov 5, 2010
I miss my old Nakamichi 700ZXE . It was my Dad’s gift to me when I graduated from my Pre Med course . I sold it because back in the mid 90’s the cassette was passé and the tech who was fixing it cannot fix the auto azimuth for recording purposes. I was thinking if I buy one now I won’t be using it and it will be just an expensive ornament of days gone by .


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May 4, 2013
The problem is I hardly ever sell any of my personal gear this has its own problems tripping over boxes is one of them.


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Feb 23, 2014
I should have never sold my Krell Audio Standards. At that stage I liked the Jeff Rowland Model 9s more and sold the KAS mono blocks to a friend that exported them to the UK. On the other hand, I hoarded some tape equipment, and today feel very lucky to have kept a Nakamichi CR7A and Studer A80 and A810. I still have my Jeff Rowland Model 9s, recently upgraded, and still in 10/10 condition.
Aug 9, 2020
I owned a pair of absolutely immaculate Pye HF12 mono amps , vintage circa 1954. You know, the 12w triode amps, KT66's. Absolutely slaughtered the Quicksilver monoblocks I had at the time. Sold the pair for £1k. Wish I still had them...
Sep 16, 2020
Not sold, but sadly skipped. I remember the day clearly, in Chiswick West London, when after moving to the UK we threw onto the skip my fathers: original 1954 Garrard 301, custom plinth, SME 3012 MK 1, Shure cartridge, purpose build mahogany stand with Leak valve amp built in (mono set up) and his single Warfedale Dovedale speaker.

This was because Thomas Heinz had delivered his new JVC DD turntable with receiver, tape deck and pair of LS3/5a (all of which still has and uses).

Ironically I still have the original Garrard handbook, invoice when he purchased it all and main counterweight for the 3012 (why, I do not know). I have also found his original Expert Pickups Ltd cartridges. The story is my farther would send these back from Africa to Expert for repair (hence why he had 2) and pick them up when he came back on leave. He would often meet the owner of Expert (I forget his name) in a pub in Mayfair where he paid him. In turn he was bought drinks all evening as thanks for settling his bill so promptly. Needless to say, dad says it was a great investment as he inevitably got back more in booze than the cost of work!

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