Wilson & ARC for me...


Jun 7, 2014
Redland, Oregon
After listening for a bit, bundled up and moved to the porch to have some coffee and pet the cat. He seemed please, the big drool monster that he is!



Apr 25, 2019
I still find it amazing how a little smartphone microphone can pick up and record enough info that we can get a glimpse into the magic of many systems through a YouTube video! How is it that we spend hundreds of thousands?

Maybe you have it right Bob, get the right speakers, a simple source, and all the music you want via streaming and just sit back and enjoy. Having heard the Diesis, this horn/open-baffle approach does maybe change the game a little?

Hi Bob, not sure i agree. My iphone comes no where near what i just heard. But then again i dont use headphones, maybe that is key...

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