Yamaha RX-V483 vs Denon AVR-S720W Which one should I purchase?


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Jul 1, 2017
Hey all,

First time poster.

I'm looking at getting at a/v receiver but I'm torn between two models.

Yamaha RX-V483 and Denon AVR-S720W. They are relatively close in price. $499 for the Yamaha and $449.99 for The Denon.

I was wondering which one had the better sound? The few reviews I've seen say they are very similiar. Wattage is close. (Yamaha 80, Demon 75) I am going to be using them with two tower Paradigm Monitor 7 speakers. Mostly for gaming, some music and netflix.

Down the road I'd like to get more speakers for surround sound but for now I'm just for the audio quality first of all. The Yamaha only has 4 HDMI and the Denon has 6. While the Denon also has a couple more bells and whistles such as DTS Atmosphere and DTS-X. The Yamaha has 5.1, the Devon has 7.1.

A little bit more bang with the Devon since it's cheaper. But again. Sound quality is what I'm looking for.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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