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Engstrom Eric
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Does anyone have experience with this piece? They look lovely but I can't really tell what they sound like based on the only review i can find on Mono & Stereo.


I believe they powered the Gobel Divin Noblesse without any trouble but has anyone had experience with a less sensitive speaker?


Connector p*rn
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“I know it when I see it” runs the quote and I’ll throw this picture out for your delectation. These have now been sent out to a couple of local WBF members and I’ll leave them chime in with their thoughts on sound quality.

Alsyvox Tintoretto @ Rhapsody.Audio

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Rhapsody.Audio now has the Alsyvox Tintoretto available for demonstration.
The first video was taken with the Tintorettos 2 hours out of their flight cases. Alsyvox breaks the speakers in so when they arrive other than some climate acclimation they are "ready to go". Here's a sneak preview with the Taiko Audio Etreme>>>Aqua Forumul...
Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC
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I can't stay silent - today we received Helene DAC, "baby" DAC from Aries Cerat. What a baby, what a beauty. From the very fist second the sound was sublime, digital rarely gets better than this - in form of Kassandra DAC only probably. I am not saying this lightly, just compare Helene to all the big guns, you would be surprised. Rich, transparent sound, real body of instruments, timbre to die...
Vitus SIA-030 The wait is over!
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The wait is over! The Vitus Audio SIA-030 integrated amplifier will be finally unveiled at Munich 2019. Here's what I know about the new model...

- It will not replace the SIA-025 Mk2, but will be the new flagship integrated in the Signature series
- It will have a larger chassis about the same height as the MP-M201, but will not be as long
- It will have approximately 30 watts Kl.A and 200...
T.H.E. SHOW 2019 - Steve's Photos
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First off I must commend the organizers for finally finding what I hope is the permanent location of THE Show. The drive for me was around an hour as I didn't stay at the hotel. The Hilton was lovely and by all accounts so were the guest rooms . The sound in each room wasn't bad at all. In fact some very good music was heard in some of the very small rooms. Case in point was Jonathan Tinn's...

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