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KR KT150RK (Riccardo Kron)
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Finally in the zenith of cold winter months in Europe, time has come to warm up the living room with some new toys and this time, no more and no less, in the form of the limited edition of KT150 tube, which was so far only available from TungSol.
Tubes are specially made by KR for LampizatOr and are within the physical limits of regular KT150 and of course within the tech spec of the TungSol...
Azimuth adjustment the easy way...
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I actually don't have a suggestion im looking for yours. I've always done it by sight and ear but there are better methods and devices like the fozgometer. What's your favorite method for adjusting azimuth of a phono cartridge?

keep it simple, i do have a fluke multimeter but dont own an O-scope/fully outfitted tech's bench.
Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner
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Hi y’all, just a few words on what I think is a worthy alternative to the Audio Desk Systeme and KLAudio ultrasonic cleaners.


I’ve been a beta tester on the Degritter for the last few weeks, and am happy to offer my opinions and answer any qs for those interested.

I believe official launch is in early May, and at this stage after a couple of...
SET amp owners thread
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Just requesting all SET amp owners to mention their amps and speakers.
Visit to Bending Wave - Gobel and CH Precision
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i have had a man crush on CH Precision gear for awhile, and also paid close attention to all the very positive feedback from fellow MSB Select II owner WBF member Priaptor (Howie) about his experience with his new Gobel speakers and CH Precision M1 amps. then at RMAF i visited the Bending Wave USA room and spoke to Elliot Goldman about visiting his new showroom near Miami as i had a business...
Visit to the Cessaro Zeta System of Audioquattr
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I visited audioquattr last week and, after I swore to him that I would not say a word about this amazing new system, I had to have Tinka put duct tape over my mouth because I have been bursting at the seams wanting to tell people what I heard from this system.

From the one-of-a-kind Cessaro Zeta system we all heard in Munich this year, to the Alieno amp (which I heard at Jeroen’s over a year...

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