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    As We Get Older - Hearing Aids for High End Audio/Concerts & Home Theatre

    So whats the latest on this subject? I am looking into HA's currently and have no idea which ones to try?
  2. jcmusic

    How I made head direct out of Studers

    So has anyone else done or tried this? I was thinking about something just like this for my Otari MTR 10? JC
  3. jcmusic

    Direct Wired Out Using Audio Cards

    I read where Tony had done this with his A80, I am wondering if I can do the same or similar to my Otari MTR 10? Does anyone have any info or insight on this?
  4. jcmusic

    300B Tube recommendation

    This would depend on what your amp are voiced for? Which amp are you using? Back years ago when I was running a Sophia Electric 300B amp (Their Flagship Model) I was using Mesh tubes I think fro CJ or something like that. I tried others including the WE 300B they sounded terrible in that amp...
  5. jcmusic

    De Havilland Tape Preamp

    I have had one of Kara's model 222's for a bunch of years now, it sounds great and has never given me any issues!!! I have used it on my Studer and my Otari, next I will try it with my Tascam...
  6. jcmusic

    WTB A Tascam or Otari Console R2R

    I am looking for another deck preferably one of the two mentioned in the title, I would also like it to be a console type or in a rolling stand. Cosmetics are important but not a show stopper!!!
  7. jcmusic

    WTB Studer A80

    I would also be interested in an Otari MTR 15!!!
  8. jcmusic

    WTB Studer A80

    I am still looking for one of these machines, contact me if you have a lead on one for sale. Thanks Jay
  9. jcmusic

    FS Bottlehead Tube Rerpo

    If you are reading this you already know what it is and what it does and how much it cost new!!! With that said I am selling mine because I no longer have a deck for it, I used it with my Studer A810 the one UPS destroyed and then lost!!! So I have no more need of it, it is in perfect condition...
  10. jcmusic

    Periphery Outer Ring Clamps

    So what ring would y'all is the one to get these day? Where to get it?
  11. jcmusic

    [SOLD] VPI Scoutmaster and Upgrades

    New lowered price!!! $2500 minus the cartridge...
  12. jcmusic

    Redpoint in Da House

    I still have it, I was using a VPI Scoutmaster with all the upgrades and a Dyna 20x cart. I just got a Soundsmith Sotto Voce cart. for the Redpoint, haven't installed it yet...
  13. jcmusic

    Soundsmith vs Dyna Sound

    Yes Johnny, It arrives tomorrow!!!
  14. jcmusic

    Triplanar And Cartridge

    I ordered the Sotto Voce today looking forward to this one, should be a great match for the Triplanar!!!

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