1. Ron Resnick

    The Tannoy Westminster / PBN-DN308 Turntable / Audio Research System of Jimford

    Yesterday I heard for the first time the system of WBF member Jimford. Jim has Westminster Royal - Gold Reference loudspeakers. This is a giant 300 pound box loudspeaker with a dual concentric tweeter/15" woofer combination which is horn loaded. The speaker has a 99 dB/watt sensitivity...
  2. Ron Resnick

    The All Analog, All Lamm, PBN M2!5 System of JeffreyT

    I have visited JeffreyT, a member of the Long Beach, CA division (of which I consider myself an honorary member) of WBF, several times over the last couple of years. Jeff, like me and PeterA, is 100% analog, 0% digital. Like me (someday, anyway) Jeff plays only vinyl and tape. Jeff’s primary...

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