1. H

    Upgrade advice for digital stream + preamp

    Looking to improve streaming digital quality for my existing system. Currently I have hybrid home theater system where I stream into my Marantz AVR which then goes out to my PrimaLuna Dialogue HP power amp and on to my GoldenEar T1R's. I've been using the Marantz to get a toehold on streaming...
  2. O

    New Integrated Amp/ Pre Amp

    Hi! I just got the Klipsch RP-500m speakers with a glimpse of hope that my problem with my receiver (TEAC ag-620) will be solved (I've connected my last pair of speakers through the headphones jack and a lot of times it makes a weird noise and then it stops playing on the left or right...
  3. VIVA Linea Preamplifier (Latest Model) Half Off

    VIVA Linea Preamplifier (Latest Model) Half Off

    Up for sale is the latest 2 chassis VIVA Linea 2 Chassis Preamp over half off retail! Please do not confuse this model with the older less expensive version that had the V shaped power block. Everything is included (tubes, manuals, original boxes) but no power cord. Beautiful black lacquer...
  4. DaveSpectral

    The Humble Nad 1300 Preamp: Inside and Out

    I have had an eye out for this Pre for a long time. While it is not up to my vintage Threshold, and Spectral gear, (see my posts on those) for the cost of $100-$250 on Ebay, it is a FANTASTIC deal. It is all Class-A circuitry, and when left on it runs a tad under lukewarm. The red-lined rack...
  5. J

    Preamp with MM/MC phonostage built in - Options

    I’m looking for alternatives to my Burmester 897 Preamp with MC phonostage installed. It’s given me so much headache and total cost including frequent transport now stands at >$4800. So I’d like to ask what options are there under $5K that serve as an integrated preamp with flexible phonostage...
  6. C

    FS: stunning AUDIOPAX MODEL5 Pre amp BARGAIN

    audiopax model5 preamp in black. mint condition inc remote. JUST £2500.00 + courier. probably the best preamp on the planet under 10K AWARD WINNING TIMBRE LOCK MECHANISM* ensuring TWO adjustable gain facilities, one the master volume control, the other a preamplifier/amplifier matching...
  7. S

    FS: EMM Labs Pre 2 1.5 years old balanced preamp by EMM labs

    I am selling my 1.5 year old, pristine condition (bought new) EMM labs Pre 2 preamp. Asking 6950. You can find my ad on Audiogon. Thanks, Stumpy
  8. S

    [SOLD] Pass Labs XP 20 PreAmp , orginal 220v-240v

    Hallo , The unit is in top condition ( 2 scratches on the Top) 8/10 Technical top , RC / Orginal package / Orginal 220v-240v Unit Was operated in a smoke, pet and child free environment. Sending the unit in EU is 30 Euro per DPD. Also possible to pick it up. Accept PayPal add 4%...
  9. S

    Pairing receiver to tube amp

    Hi everyone. Being new to the world of vacuum tube stereos, I have some questions regarding my Dared VP-16 amp. Currently it is attached to two Paradigm Atom speakers. I also have it connected to my computer through Bluetooth via a DAC, but am wondering about how to connect radio. Are there...

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