37 foot single ended interconnect


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Feb 4, 2019
I have talked and questioned about this for some time now. I don't have room for my tape deck at the rack. My system is all single ended. I need a 37 foot single ended interconnect to play 15 ips tape.

First I tried some Mogami console wire soldered to link plugs. The Link is a good plug. With a Mogami microphone cable run 22 feet they were just fine. With the console cable run 37 feet the sound was flat. Loss of dynamics.

During unsoldering I ruined a solder pin. I needed new rca. I new this was going to be process and did not want to be at the solder gun. I bought a few sets of Furutech CF-102NCFR screw connector rca.

I had liked the microphone cable so I bought a 76 foot stip and after measuring to the exact length needed, cut 2 x 37 foot pieces.

In the first combination I took both the center conductor and used them as the positive. I put the shield as negative. This ran hot. As in, compared to my reference interconnect, the volume was significantly louder. It wasn't right.

2nd iteration, I used one center conductor as hot, the other as negative and landed the shield on the negative on the preamp end of the cable only. This has turned out to be a very acceptable cable.

The 2nd iteration is not as hot running. The volume is still above that of my reference cable, but much closer. I don't have any noise I hear. Flipping between sources on the preamp with an ear to the speaker the hiss remains constant.

So how well does it voice. I am not 100% sure. But here is a little how I judge it. I have a Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 on vinyl I really like. I have been playing it a bit lately and find the recording to be be good. I liked it so much, I found a 15 ips tape version. The tape is a totally different orchestra, recording etc. They are not the same in any way. Yeaterday I cued them both up and let it rip. I like my record, but holly crap, that new tape just ate it up. Dynamics are way more explosive. The tone of instruments are alive and real. The growl of the piano is textural.

Sure they are different sources. But I was blown away by the presentation.
That says to me I am just fine leaving my tape deck in the back of the room with a 37 foot single ended interconnect. Rex


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Nov 9, 2020
I have a 26 foot RCA run from my turntable to my preamp. I'm very happy with the setup, no noticeable noise or hum.

Removing a tall rack and TT from between the speakers made a very positive improvement.


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Feb 4, 2019
Exactly. I put my deck in the corner behind one of my speakers. It destroyed the sound. I pulled it out a day later. It sat for a good 6 months till I got around to making these cables. I have been playing tape for the last couple days. Its over the top good.

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