Anyone have impressions of Lampizator Horizon vs. Pacific ?


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May 10, 2010
Houston area
The biggest change for me though was moving from electrostatics and dynamic moving coil loudspeakers that I had listened to for 30+ years to horns via a pair of Klipsch La Scalas. That’s the biggest bang for the buck of anything I’ve experienced in a long long time..
The La Scalas were a gateway drug for me. I loved how “alive” they were, and the looks are classic. Nice choice!


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Apr 15, 2016
Minnetonka, MN
Hi all,
I have had the pleasure of listening to a Lampizator Pacific fully balanced for quite some time now. I am using type 46 tubes with adapters as the output tubes. Honestly, I have never heard anything that can touch it, but I have not heard all the SOTA DACs discussed in this forum. I am having trouble finding a good thread where people have compared the Horizon to the Pacific DAC in the same system. Can someone who has heard both chime in, or at least point me to a good thread on the topic?

Note, I had a Big Mk2, which I loved, but sprung for a used Pacific and of course it is an entirely different universe. So curious to hear if the Horizon is really that much "better" than the Pacific. I build tube amps and preamps for a living, although I am slowly retiring. So I am very familiar the sound and behaviour of many tube types in various circuits. I love DHT tubes and the Horizon is using pentodes, but all tubes behave differently in different circuits. Any impressions would be appreciated.

Which 46 tubes are your favorites? What adapter are you using?


Apr 6, 2017
Central Florida - Orlando
Went first to Baltic 3, then tried a Pacific and I was amazed, I didn't think it could get any better, then I was conned into a Horizon trial, it never left !
Total Heaven with Horizon.
It is head & shoulders better than Pacific.
But I didn't do any tube rolling until Horizon.

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