BLUMENHOFER Horn Speakers returns to US !

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce to our WBF community the return German manufacturer Hi-End Horn Speakers BLUMENHOFER ACOUSTICS in the US.

Many years ago, these speakers already appeared here in America, for example, in 2012 at CEC in Las Vegas.
Some of you may have known the late Robert Thompson from Florida, who was the distributor for Blumenhofer in the US before us.
His active work, as well as the highest quality of these speakers, contributed to the rapid growth of the brand's popularity among demanding music lovers and audiophiles.

One of the significant results of this popularity was the appearance of the inexpensive TEMPESTA series, which was designed and produced specifically for the US market at the request of Robert.
The Tempesta series remains very popular and in-demand all over the world.
The Floorstaning Tempesta 20 Mk2 has become one of the best speakers in its category, with excellent musical qualities and an excellent price-performance ratio.
Tempesta 20 Mk2.jpg
TEMPESTA 20 Mk2 in olive veneer

Another not expensive and well-known GENUIN series, which has been produced with minor changes for about 20 years, has authenticity and naturalness, for which it has received numerous excellent reviews. Genuin speakers are an example of a harmonic Bass Reflex - Horn combination.
The Loudspeakers of the Genuin series offer bass reflex construction and a true compression driver horn for the mid-high frequencies.

Genuin Series will deliver you extreme dynamic, fascinating resolution without any kind typical of sound coloration of horns.
They will surprise you with the totality of the reproduction and their organic music flow.

Genuin FS-2 Mk2.jpeg
GENUIN FS-2 Mk2 in Makassar veneer

One of Blumenhofer's most successful developments in the Bass Horn concept has recently been implemented in the new CORONA speakers.
During the lockdown of the COVID Pandemic, there has been a huge slowdown in external activities.
This allowed Blumenhofer more time to process developments kept until then in the drawer.

This speakers is the most interesting product that came out of those days.
And as a tribute to the situation, we decided to call it "Corona".
Corona pair.jpg Corona two models.jpg
CORONA 4 x 180 & CORONA 2 x 220 P2F

All Blumenhofer speakers have a 2-way design.

Blumenhofer owns several technologies and know-how in the production of professional and home acoustic products such as Bass Horn, Floor Effect, and Impedance Linearization.
Another added value is the recognized Tube friendliness of Blumenhofer loudspeakers!
High efficiency, low load impedance - excellent for tube amplifiers.
Speakers are manufactured using the highest components and material quality.

Currently, the company manufactures many types of speakers, both for Hi-End Stereo Systems and Home Theater, and for large professional cinema systems, such as this subwoofer:


More about it here:
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Industry Expert
May 29, 2018
Having heard the Genuin at the Florida Audio Expo, I can attest to the excellence of the Blumenhofer sound. Powered by the Takatsuki 300B amplifier and Sforzato DAC, it was my "best of show" vote by a lot, even when compared to the big boys such as Borreson, Vivid, and others. The immediacy, musicality, emotional engagement, and value for money were simply off the charts!


Aug 30, 2020
In addition to their horns, Blumenhofer also has a classic series in its range and its largest version, the Blumenhofer Classic 1743, was for me one of the three most beneficial audio demonstrations I was able to experience / enjoy at trade fairs.

The looks like a block - for the audio performance thumbs up!

In this case supplied via Trafomatic, Dr. Feickert with Reed and the two dozen visitors did not want to leave the room (like me).
Chapeau Blumenhofer! IMG_1176.jpg
Yes, Blumenhofer continue to produce the Classic Series, which now has three models, including the top 1743 that @rpk talked about above.

It was a good idea for Blumenhofer to make old-style speakers for the Dutch company Old School Hi-Fi, but with the Blumenhofer`s sound signature.

And the success of this project led to the emergence of the Classic Series as a separate direction from Blumenhofer.

infinitely baffled

Jul 2, 2015
I'm loving the looks of the Corona range.
Could i get a hint of pricing?
(I'm in the UK)


Industry Expert
May 29, 2018
Here is a UK dealer to inquire about Blumenhoffer pricing.

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