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marjan cdr grafen

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Jul 17, 2022
I started the project of applying graphene to blank CDs 2 years ago. During this time, I did a lot of testing with blank CDs as well as with graphene nanoplates. As a music lover, I was not satisfied with the reproduction of original CDs as well as with recorded ones, personally I am a demanding listener of classical, jazz and I want to get the maximum out of the medium as much as possible. The graphene itself helped to be more expressive at the beginning of the testing, with more testing I managed to raise the sound level to a level that was satisfactory for me as well. it was not cheap, graphene is an expensive thing. in the desire to really enjoy my music, graphene helped to audibly better perceive the recorded music and enjoy it in new dimensions that I did not know. I tested it on many CD players and the perceptibility of the increase in quality was audible. in the competition with normal cd r vs cd r graphene
even with friends we listened, there was no going back, we were united that graphene
audibly helps to improve the quality of the recording.

I give the following advantages of cdr sensing with graphene

organic, natural sound

preferably stereo channel separation

greater depth, perception of 3d


wide shot of the stage

ordinary cd r recorded has little of this and some had quite a digital harshness in the sound
even with high-quality recordings, it does not come close to the sound of cd r graphene, the difference itself in favor of graphene cd is audible and perceptible, and listening to my music becomes a pleasure for long listening sessions
I continue research in the direction of improvement as much as time allows me to arrive at the quality and level of the current state of the quality of cd r blank media treated with graphene
I own a lot of original CDs and SACDs, the reproduction itself is good, but if I really want to try it out, I have to use CD Graphene, I hope I was able to present the product


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