Cello Audio Sales Information


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Apr 24, 2010
Based on info I garnered from their files 10 years after they closed, below are the approximate number of units produced, by (certain) product, over the companys 1985-2000 lifetime;

Performance Amps 750
Duet 350 875
Encore 150 120
Encore 50 560
Audio Suite Mainframe 760
P603 Tape Module 40
P301 Output Module 785
Encore Preamp 1370
Audio Palette 705
Palette Preamp 490
RDAC 220
Master Supply 1230
Etude 360

Grand Master Speakers pair 110
Amati pair 200
Serafin pair 65

Their business started out doing around $2.5 - 3M annually in the beginning and peaked near $5M in the mid/late 90's.
Roughly 10% was European; 40% US and 50% Pacific Rim.


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May 9, 2015
Cologne, Germany
interesting numbers!


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Feb 3, 2021
The numbers seems insufficient as I seen power supply over than s/n 1400, my Audio Palette S/n 9xx .Hope it helps


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Apr 24, 2010
Thanks Eric300,

Your posting had me re-look at the sales quantity figures I used. They came from two sources. One was annual sales reports - but I didn't have these for every year. There was a "sales overview" report made up around '98 which I assume was used in negotiations dealing with the sale of the company. Their totals agreed with the other data I had. They continued to make product for another year or so after the sale. I found no sales data for that time period, so I simply extrapolated the few previous years data out for the company's remaining life. I feel pretty confident in the totals

It happens that I also have a few final test reports on certain of their product - each with a unit serial number. In particular, the P603 modules and the Seraphin speakers. What I found, especially with the 603 module, is that although they only made a few dozens of them, the serial numbers of them are all over the place - two, three and even 4 digits! I can only presume that a serial number on a particular product may NOT represent the actual consecutive total of that product built. I can understand how this situation may have come about. Cello never obsoleted a product. your Palette/Master supply is undoubtedly of late (in their 15 year) production; plus they were built in "batches". So it could have been a year or more since the last few were made - and perhaps by a different person or persons. Let's chalk the discrepancy up to incomplete record keeping.

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