DOEPKE Residual Current Circuit Breaker AUDIO GRADE


I've been in touch with a Doepke employee and he send me an email with this:

"The DFS4 Audio is no a fuse or MCB, it is an RCCB, which protects user of residual currents – means human protection against electric shock.
On the other hand it protects against fires.
- The DFS Audio has been developed exactly for audiophile purposes, the goal was to get as much as low impedance as possible, due to the construction of this internal parts.
All other DFS (which is the series in general) have not this internal setting. So DFS4 EV for example is for special vehicle charging purposes.
So there are 3-4000 different DFS4 (4 pole) or DFS2 ( 2pole) in Doepkes range, all for different applications.
- No Doepke DFS4 or DFS2 breaker has been certified for the US – so not UL listed. We do sell some special DFS4 RCCCB´s in the US but for very special applications, where a UL certification is not mandatory.

Doepke was in the 1950´s among the first developing and producing companies of RCCB´s. It was 3 companies and from those 3 only Doepke is still existing , as “ the specialist” for residual current protection, with the widest range of RCCB´s at all on the market.
We are producing special RCCB´s for almost all major players in the low voltage switchgear market, for example, ABB, Siemens, Legrand, Schneider-Electric, Hager etc.
So we know what we are doing since over 60 years."
So, put another way, is there a UL approved "audiophile" caliber (e.g., better sounding than stock) circuit breaker for US users that is plug and play?
Hi Rocoa.
Where did you buy it?


I bought it at this web a couple of weeks ago but I'm affraid that the first production has been exhausted, so they are out of stock.

I've been talking to a very nice factory manager and he's told me that production has planned the item being ready beginning of February because some material from a sub supplier is missing.
There is no choice but to wait until February.

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I received the Doepke RCB two days ago and installed it yesterday evening.


The replacement of the AHP fuse by the Gigawatt Circuit Breaker G-C16A circuit breaker some weeks ago was an improvement in SQ but the Doepke is another story.


After having replaced the old RCB (Melin Guerin) by the Doepke I could cite all the improvements in audiophile terms that we usually use but I prefer I prefer to say that it's impressive.
Bigger soundstage, more PRaT and the bass to die for.
My darTZeel 108 amp is now moving the Avalons like I never thought it could do, with strength and refinement.

I think there's room for more improvements since it takes a time to adapt and break-in.
I read on the instruction sheet that accompanies the appliance the following about this:
  • Inmediately after it is commisioned, the audio image can seem more lightweight, particulary in the low range.
  • After around two to three operating hours, the audio image increasingly gains in volume.
  • The full potential of the sound is achieved after aroun 50-100 hours. An audio system does not necessarily have to be active during this time.
  • The residual current protection function of the DFS F Audio is of course available inmediately after installation and at al times.
Effectively, I usually listen with the Corus preamp potentiometer around 50. Yesterday after installation I was listening with the the preamp volume at 60-70 but today the volume I'm listening to is the same as before.



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I intalled the Doepke DFS 2 F Audio almost three weeks ago and I'm very satisfied but I'm afraid that in my case the break-in has been longer than the manufacturer claims.
Really, this has not caught me by surprise as I am very experienced in these issues. During this time I have listened more the second system that I have because suffering the break-in of a component prevents me from enjoy the music properly.
My main system was playing music for ten hours a day at least (all day long on weekends).

For a few days it seems that the sound has stabilized and I enjoy my system as I have never done.
The addition of this component to the dedicated line reaffirms, once again, the importance of the mains supply of our audio systems.
The sound has been compressed in terms of soundstage to a greater or lesser extent throughout the process, as well as dynamics and microinformation.

I've drawn a graph illustrating the process with performance (Y) and time (X) marking the days.

RODAJE 2.jpg
It seems that I will suffer for a few days .........


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Day 10 is interesting :)

Emile, yes it is and it's no it's no surprise to me. The dynamics of this process is usually repeatable and I've experienced it hundreds of times. Before the sound is opened after installing a new component on a system usually occurs.

It seems that I will suffer for a few days .........

I assure you it's worth the wait Francisco:)
Finally the electrician was able to come and place the Doepke Difference Switch and a second AHP G4i Fuse Holder Module.
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I don't know if, as Rocoa says, a roller coaster starts now, but for now I am absolutely happy


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Great info, guys! Thanks!
Friends group-purchased several of them.


Will install them asap! :cool:
Can anyone tell me if these devices are drop in replacements for Seimens push on 2 pole breakers?
For what it's worth, I wrote to Doepke and was told that their breakers are not approved for the US since they are not "UL" approved. I am also not sure if they would be an exact size fit for our breakers. I'm also not sure what the possibilities are for retrofit in Canada.
One of my friends got a small separate audio powerline breaker-box.

He installed the Doepke today.
Adjacent to it is the Gigawatt mcb breaker.

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Another friend installed his today.
Again immediate praise!

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