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Colin Wonfor

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Mar 8, 2014
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Great News and Fun

The Hifi Answer team is being sorted thank goodness I do not have to write reviews, but I think I have the best job.
I am designing, well have completed 4 kit designs for DIY it will be available in part or all complete state either from Answer or via my dear friend Alan Brown.
Howard Isaac Popeck In honour of Howard we have decided to call the range HIP1 - 4

There will be a mini 15W A/B stereo with a USB out PSU socket for Raspberry Pi etc a max current of 5A and a volume control.

The next is a MC/MM plus Aux mini pre and volume. Based on the old Claymore design.

Then we have a Mono 5W SECA design power amps you need 2 or even more.

With SECA in mind the next is a SECA pre with MC/MM and the patented MC stage I used in the first Magnum Amp, complex as heck to understand but it auto matches .
Do not worry the patent I owned died over 40yrs ago, then the standard of components was crap with what is available now.'s_circuit_lawsThe MC stage is based on Kirchhoffs Law .

All boxes are the same size approx. 165 mm x 165mm and 50mm high and are stranded extruded Al chassis.

You buy it in bits or complete but do have ago building fun and rewarding to say I made that.

Well Guys catch up soon, stay well oh you all forgot my 70th birthday, thank God he he wish I had.

PS I rather wish Howard was still with us, I still miss him and his wonderful humour and the coffee mmmm nice.

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