INT-60 Question

Apr 4, 2018
I love this integrated amp. It drives my Martin Logan Montis's effortlessly.

Recently I have been auditioning some Harbeth's. They are harder to drive, and I need to increase the volume noticeably.

Example-Typical volume range with the Montis's is 36-42. Harbeth's its 44-52

The Pass Int-60 maxes out at 62. Should this be of concern?

The Montis's are 4 Ohm with powered bass cabinets. I believe 91 db Sensitivity

The Harbeths-6 ohm - 86 db sensitivity

Opinions welcomed.


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Apr 20, 2010
Pleasanton, CA
Streophile shows 85 watts@3 percent distortion@8 ohms and 120watts@3 percent distortion@4 ohms.

That means you should be getting about 100 watts per channel of usable RMS performance with the Harbeths, with possibly a bit more on transients.

Say you are down to 83db at your listening spot at least, that is still 96db peak RMS loudness, with likely 98 to 99 db transient headroom. Whether you need more depends on how loud you like to listen. That tends to be in the range that most audiophiles use.

I know that when I listen to my bass panels full range@89 or so efficiency, I find that 15 watt peaks are my routine listening peaks for what I consider loud, louder than what I listen to routinely. Harbeths are 3db down in general efficiency, so that would translate to 30 watt peaks. Also, remember that panel speaker play louder into the room than point source speakers like the Harbeth.

You're probably fine except for ultimate rock or orchestral cranking if you want those really loud. That's when separate subwoofers come in handy.
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Down Under

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Jun 26, 2014
Devil’s advocate here-I would keep the Montis.
You might miss the box less sound and transparency after a while.

steven p

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Apr 18, 2020
I have to reset my password, sorry late reply. Pass labs 150.8 power preferable to INT-60 for Harbeth speakers. You may want to consider INT-250 on integrated amp.

steven p

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Apr 18, 2020
What about NS5000? They are 88 db and 4 ohm speakers. I am debating between INT60 or 150.8.[/QUOTE

NS500O, I like this speakers. Best Match would be Yamaha Pre and Power same series. I am not sure Pass Labs INT-60 works well wz Yamaha NS5000. Am sure 150.8 power amp is preferable to INT-60. Myself , I have the INT-60 driven JBL4365 in a small room with furnishing bookshelf, 2 seater etc.

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