Intro from the Midwest, I make isolation feet in my workshop.


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Dec 30, 2018
Hi Everyone, happy new year! After introducing myself to Steve, he asked that I post my introduction and what I do here.

My name is Bill Owen and I own Mnpctech. It's my small online business since 2001 in Minnesota. I started out making custom accessories for people who customize their desktop PCs. My market is becoming over saturated with products from China. So, last year I started making custom replacement and isolation feet for Turntables to supplement my income. I've been making custom feet for high end desktop PCs since 2001. I'm still learning about the best noise isolating solutions for all types of audio equipment. This is why I joined your community. I was honored when Michael Fremer mentioned my custom Sorbothane feet in Stereophile (november 2018, technics SR-1000 article), but I haven't personally seen any sales from his mention. I'm slowly expanding into making replacement "dress-up" feet for audio components such as Amplifiers and Receivers as well. The majority of my sales has been to people restoring vintage turntables. I'm currently working on an easy height adjustable solution for wood plinth tables.

I'm often asked if I can make a custom set for turntables. Just contact me directly here,

Once I get your inquiry, I will ask for the following basic details from you.

1. Photos of detached turntable Foot, (top & bottom)
2. Photo of mounting screw with measurement of length and outer diameter in millimeters.
3. Photo bottom of your turntable where the foot attaches.

I may ask for additional details.

Here's a video overview of my wood plinth turntable isolation feet installed on a Music Hall mmf 1.3

Here is some of my customer's turntables.

Steve's Pioneer PL-550

Hank's Denon DP-59L

Brian Hancock's Acoustic Research XB Vintage Turntable with Mnpctech Wood Plinth Isolation Feet

Phil's VPI Prime Scout Turntable with Mnpctech Large Sorbothane Isolation feet

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