MastersounD Spettro Preamplifier and PF100 Monoblocks

I'm excited to announce that the first set of these fine machines will be traversing across the Atlantic this week. While both models have been in the US before, the newest versions have Litz-wired transformers to elevate their performance. They now boast 120 watts per channel of parallel single-ended goodness.

I was hoping they might make it in for my birthday weekend, but it looks like they'll have to be a belated 'present'.

For anyone interested in getting their ears on these, I am planning on debuting them at AXPONA 2019.

PF100 Litz.jpg Spettro 1.jpg

Ron Resnick

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Jan 25, 2015
Beverly Hills, CA
As you know, Skip, I am extremely intrigued by that PF100 Litz. These comparisons would be extremely difficult to make happen, but I would be fascinated to compare the PF100 to a high power single tube SET (NAT Magme New SE, Wavac or AM 833) on the one hand, and to something like an Absolare 845 push-pull on the other hand.
I'm intrigued too. I've found myself, at least with MastersounD offerings, to prefer the parallel versions of their amplifiers in most cases. Many say that you lose the magic of the SET sound, but I've found the parallel to simply offer more control of the speaker from top to bottom with the same magic.

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