Moray James Interconnects and Power cables - $150 ea Flash Sale


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Feb 29, 2016
For those who don't know M-J ... with these cables you dive into the highest fidelity. The sound of this cable is developed around the medium. The voices are presented to you with a very impressive natural and the soundstage settles itself with a realism out of the ordinary. One detail has to be specified; all Moray-James cables have a non-invasive filtration that eliminates frequencies that are above 60 cycles and that cause auditory fatigue. Result of the races: a very great transparency and a listening relaxation unequaled.

Moray James cables are all hand built, cryogenically treated, and uses a proprietary cable design. He chooses to surface treat the base copper conductors with a layer of alloy which will produce an oxide which suits the tonal balance of both the base conductor material and that of the dielectric.

Power cords 2 meter, quantity 3, $150 each. ($800 new) 2015-2016 - in my system currently and in impeccable condition.
Power cords 2 meter, quantity 2, $100 each. 2014 (older design) - excellent for my digital.
Furutech F1-8N termination 5' ($150) 2013
Power cord 2.5 2 meter ($150)
Neutric terminated 2.5 meter power cord. ($150)
Single ended RCA 1 meter pair (2 pair) ($150 ea.) New $650
Balanced 1 meter (2 pair) ($150 ea.) New $700. 2014
Balanced 2 meter (1 pair) ($300) Retail $1400. 2014

Can ship worldwide - Buyer pays shipping and any duty to their country. If Paypal used, add 4%.

These are priced to sell. No low offers considered.

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