need a dvdo external scaler that does 2.35.1 with a benq 2150st projector

Aug 4, 2019

need a dvdo external scaler that will do 2.35.1 aspect rato
with a benq 2150st projector
i want to connect the scaler to my panasonic ub900 4k player the benq 2150st only supports asper ratios up to 16.9 i want to use it onmy very large shermin williams painted wall the projector is short throw its wall mounted 9feet away i want aspect ratio 2.35.1 i also have a oled 65c8 tv i want to be able to use it on the tv as well what do you recommend to use thanks and do i need to use a software programme like zoomplayer to watch films in 2.35.1

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