New Software Tape Player - HEMIOLIA Records - Italy

Aug 31, 2010
At the Munich Show Hemiolia Records launched their certified Analogue Tape Recordings and are in the process of bringing out more titles to market. You can hear the samples on their website too. I like the photo of their recording room on their website.
I have been in contact with them a month before Munich, and was sent some mp3 samples which were pretty impressive even over laptop listening.
They are very passionate and clearly seem to be dedicated to quality. They also have music that I like to listen too.

In case you want to follow their updates, they also have a Facebook page

100_0622.jpg 100_0605.jpg
100_0680.jpg 100_0712.jpg
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Apr 20, 2010
New York City
I think this is the company I wrote about a year ago that was bringing tape to market. But seems it took them another year longer than expected.
Aug 31, 2010
Look forward to your feedback Sam, if you do.

I am awaiting some as well when they are done.


Aug 31, 2010
Hi Sam,

I ordered the Jimi Hendrix Experience tape. So far they only have the 2 tapes on Jazz trio (Originals and Standards) available. What you see in the photo above in the thread.

They are in the process of producing the Karlsson Classical tape and the Clarinet Ensemble. But I am unsure how 'far' away those are from release.

I had a chance to hear the sampler of the Hendrix tape (via a PM) before i took the decision to get it.

Either Giorgio or Claudio are the two to contact.

Kind regards,


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Nov 10, 2013
Thanks for the link Neville.
Nice to see the nagra t in use for their headphones. Wonder what they used for tape pre (internal t audio or external)?


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May 20, 2014
Hi Chris, we used the T in its original configuration, with internal preamps.
That in the picture is one of the eight units we have. We use the T in the first part of the production of our tapes which is the recording session and then mastering, for its extremely clean and neutral behaviour. The final duplication process is entrusted to a very big "duplication machine" consisting of a Studer A80 playback machine and 12 Telefunken M15A fully synchronized and modified in the audio path to improve linearity and phase response.

We decided to use the T especially for classical music or even other genres when there are few instruments playing and/or the acoustic of the place is relevant, after having tried several recorders working together in some recording sessions. As visible in the pictures below, in that occasion we had a choice of:

Nagra T
Ampex ATR102


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May 15, 2010
Thanks for the detail, Giorgio :)
The Nagra T is remarkably compact without its trolley and, of course, offers top tier performance from what has been reported.

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