Original VPI Scout - The audiophiles best kept secret?

Nov 1, 2018
After many years of listening to many turntables, I have found that the venerable VPI scout well isolated can be one of the best values and best sounding turntables period. I have some secrets to share from my years with the scout. YMMV but I am really enjoying my humble scout and these are a few things I learned over the years to make this table sound like tables costing much more

1. Get the original scout w/acrylic platter sound better to my ears than the aluminum platter version.
2. Get the JMW 9t arm (stainless steel - back headshell and black unipivot housing)) - better for MC cartridges. A little more effective mass than the original. Use the tonearm tower for the original JMW 9 as it was made for the acrylic platter or so they say. It does sound better than the one that comes with the 9T. you can try either but I like the original tower.
3. Use the original 600 RPM motor. It just sounds right with this motor.
4 Get a Lyra Delos track it at 1.70 grams.
5 Position the motor so that you cannot feel any vibrations (very important). Keep it there and when you start or stop the motor, keep two fingers pressed down on the motor to avoiding it moving when you press the stop /stop button. This really helps the quietness of the table. It is very important to do this.
6. Use original clamp if any.

I have found that doing this elevates the performance of this table to levels it should not be at or has no business being at. It has a beautiful analog sound that few can match for this price or any for that matter. Just detailed enough and right sounding enough to make one happy for a long time.

It is a very simple design in a very good way.

It took a long time and a lot of listening to figure this out.

Happy Listening!
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Oct 14, 2018
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Apr 22, 2019
Another VPI Scout iwner here.Has anyone tried an XLR connector box on their VPI
What were the results?
I find the clamp does help coupling the lp to the platter.
Has anyone tried a different screw down weight.

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