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Apr 20, 2010
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I have heard the X series of speakers several times.
They are initially very impressive, although rather "forward" in their presentation.
They are a "take no prisoners" kind of speaker.
IMO, long term listening may prove challenging.
Having heard the new "C1" by Borresen at AXPONA24, I find it a much more matured design over the "X" series.
Of course at a price.
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Marketing, marketing, marketing.

Marketing sells product. They are doing a great job at it. A few other brands should take note.

It is interesting that the mode of marketing is changing. In the past it seems that you submitted new products for review in stereophile and TAS. Buy big full page ads in the same magazines. Now, you take your speakers/product to all of the shows and get one of the big rooms. Set them up and play loud music. The rooms have a party atmosphere. The Youtubers are going to the shows and interacting with these rooms. It seems they view the shows like a trip to six-flags. This produces more marketing for the brand that put on this "Show" for people.
I’m interested in the X1. It’d be a blind buy as there’s no where within 8 hours drive to hear them.
I have heard the X6 at several shows and other presentations. I am in the horn/SET camp the system I heard with the X6 and the Forte 3 would find a place in my living room if I was looking for a box speaker. I have generally liked how that upfront character and to tonal accuracy are presented. I'm not big on soundstaging/imaging but it does that in spades too.

Heard the large models (I think $500k roughly) at the Southwest AudioFest and was pretty impressive I thought!

Unfortunately for Borresson, not enough people are talking about his speakers. In the 6 weeks since the thread was started, there are only 7 replies before mine and 840 hits...

And how did the guy in the video get those speakers? officially from Borressen?

Or on the used market - hype up and dump?

full transparency would be a wonderful thing in this hobby

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