Room Measurement Tutorial for Dummies Part 1


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Jun 23, 2010
Monument, CO
CSL will cal the Dayton EMM/UMM or UMIK microphones. The ECM8000 has been having issues (see the CSL website). FWIFM, after a little research, I went with a CSL-calibrated UMIK-1.

CSL also sells a Galaxy CM-140 SPL meter with freq file.

My Earthworks M30 is very nice but pretty expensive. It is not a USB mic and requires phantom power so you also have to have a preamp with it. Mine is probably overdue for a recal.

They now make a battery-powered version with built-in preamp but it is not USB either:

I had a B&K but got rid of it ages ago (should have kept it!) Bought the Earthworks a while back when I was helping install a sound system for our church (before REW and USB mics were around).

HTH - Don

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