Speaker height and width conundrum

Dec 20, 2014
I have a small room in my loft for my hi-fi (relegated to the heavens) thankfully the boss allowed me to get it made in 'room within a room' style.

Now, due to being in the loft I have a conundrum. In order to get the speakers sufficiently wide they need significantly lower stands - I have made a temporary stand to see how it sounds, and if it is ok I will get some made up. If you can picture this they are firing across the room within the triangle pitch of the roof that is symetrical. They are overall about 15 cm tall.

The height is now such that they are on the low side - even with my recliner.

So is it a case of:

1. Point the tweeter mid towards ear height?
2. raise the speakers and therefore lose width
3. stop stressing

Mike Lavigne

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Apr 25, 2010
i think we need some rough measurements of the approximate tweeter to tweeter distance at various heights plus listening distance choices, to be able to have a feel for this.

typically tweeters and mid range drivers do need to be aimed at ears (with manufacturer recommendations also taken into consideration......not all speakers are meant to be aimed directly at ears.)

so the most obvious answer with the info you provided is #1 + #3. aim them at your ears and enjoy the boss letting you have your own spot to listen. from there follow your ears.
Dec 20, 2014
Hi Mike
I guess I am gonna have the 'joys' of doing a load of measurements...

I think I am also gonna see if Room Equalisation Wizard will help me make sense of things.

I will post my findings on here, and a few pics if possible as well

BTW thanks for reading and responding



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Feb 22, 2018
Pacific Northwest
The triangle I use to set up my Sonus Faber Monitor speakers has an 80” base and a 102” altitude. Sonus Faber recommends two options: 1) Equal lateral triangle that yields a flat frequency curve or 2) Isosceles triangle with minimum toe-in that gives a bass bump and high frequency roll off. I use the later and confirmed this response using both REW and my ears.

My house has an open floor plan. I listen in a two room mixed use environment that has a combined size of 19’W x 22.5’L x 15‘H and cannot be pressurized because of openings into other rooms.

You might be surprised that setting up your speakers closer together, more than you might otherwise think, yields excellent results.
Dec 20, 2014
Hi guys - keep it coming -

As it happens I was at HiFi Show live in Windsor - I got chatting to Pedro from Absolute Sounds - and he gave me some very 'sound' (sorry for the pun) advice both on speaker mods, and placement.

One tip (due to my sloped ceilings) was to not have the tweeter 40% above the floor. He explained that I will have horizontal sound waves given the shape of the NS1000M dome.

On another topic - perhaps off thread so to speak - I personally find that the best thing about audio shows are the opportunities to speak to the actual designers or people in the industry whom are so often very knowledgeable and helpful at the same time. I particularly enjoyed my conversation with Bruno who designs the KII speakers.




Oct 26, 2015
Eastern WA
6 feet between them min, any circumstance, ever. Then treat boundaries around them. Many speakers don't need to be on-axis, or are not designed to be.
Dec 20, 2014
So then guys:

I can get my speakers about 6 foot wide
If my tweeter is 76cm off the ground the speakers come in narrower
I am gonna used my 'rigged up' stands to see how things are before I do too much, and am gonna get some room eq analysis done

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