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Jul 14, 2013
I had a great experience with Stuart’s Film screen. As I posted earlier, I was getting the new JVC 4k projector, the 3000. (Also known as the N9)

First I wrote Stuart’s to find out what was available and asked for local dealers. They sent me a list, but, sadly, while the dealers were anxious to sell me the 110” 16:9 StudioTek 130, they did not have it on display and did not know much about it.

Robert Keeler, the Vice President of Sales, had his phone number on the email so I figured I would try it. He was incredibly nice and informative and we spent over a half an hour on the phone. He didn’t “push” the more expensive Studio Tek and, perhaps, was steering me to their less expensive Cima line. He carefully explained the difference between the products. Not just on the screen, but how they were framed and built.

At first he was not familiar with the JVC 3000 (He knew it as their N9) but then he discovered I was getting the same machine with 2,220 lumins and could do an 8K image. He shifted to the StudioTek. He explained why and how the StudioTek would be more suitable.

But the big surprise is that he told me NOT to get the Studio Tek 130, but get the 100. He explained that the image would be too bright with 2,200 lumins and your eyes would get tired using the 130.

I am so glad he took the time to explain all this to me. I do wish the dealers were more informed.

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