Tweaks for the Holidays


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Apr 20, 2010
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So you bought great speakers, the finest electronics, and over-priced cables to create your perfect stereo system. What could you possibly do to make it better, you ask? The answer is- tweaks! Everyone knows that many of these little devices can provide meaningful benefit for not a lot of money. Why not try some?

Many WBF readers know that I have and continue to explore various connectors and AC receptacles in the hope of getting a bit closer to the best sound possible in my rig. And of course, some of the choices I’ve made may not be the ones that you would make in your system as these tweaks are generally application specific. So here are a few items that I no longer need and I’m offering for sale. Some of these might work great for you.
  • Vistek Aurios 1.2 Pro Media Isolation Bearing (MIB)
These heavy little suckers were made by the people who subsequently went on to make the famed Stillpoint products. These work essentially the same way but cost a fraction of the price. While a set of Stillpoints generally run $700-900, you can grab these Aurios for $200 (set of 3) (retailed for 600). I’d be surprised if some piece of gear you have doesn’t sound better with these under it. Although long discontinued, they’ve been around for years so you can check out the plethora of excellent reviews on-line.

  • Furutech GTX-D- (R) duplex receptacle.
For all you rhodium fans, here you go. Works well as an AC outlet but you can always gift it as an ornament for somebody’s tree., It’s kind of shiny.
  • Oyaide P004 and C004 AC connector set
Beautiful sounding, exquisitely well made. Oyaides are the AC connector of choice on several Tara Lab cables for a reason.
  • ETI KRYO XLR set (4 pieces for stereo pair of interconnects)
These are the folk that made the famous Eichmann Bullet connectors for tonearm wiring. Another great stocking stuffer for the DIY crowd.

It's best to email me at if you have any interest in any of these

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