What nice wines did you taste this weekend?


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Dec 26, 2010
@LL21 I understand where you're coming from. Of the 1st Growths I'm also less inclined toward the classic Bordeaux style of Margaux and Lafite. You don't have to travel far though, the fuller, richer more muscular style of Mouton and Latour is more to my taste. My experience of the 1st Growths isn't extensive but from my limited experience I'd choose a top St Julien before Lafite or Margaux. Softer more delicious wines as a generalisation. That said I'd not turn down the opportunity to sample anything from this sort of list!!

If you've not already tried it seek out Ch Musar, it's fairly widely available in the UK and of a similar style to those top Penfolds you mention. The one area it doesn't compare to wine of it's quality is price, a relative bargain
Thank you...i think we have tried Musar before and yes, that makes sense now, based on our recollection and your description. Our specific recollection is that the comparably priced Penfolds to the Musar we had (probably a Penfolds 389 or 150) still had more to chew on, bolder, more powerful...a really rich stick-a-shovel-in-it-and-it-stands-up NY Cheesecake to a no-bake cheescake or something like that? But yes, the two wines were much more in line in terms of 'composition' or 'design' if that is even a proper word in this vocabulary.

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