Why are the WBF servers so slow?


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Oct 22, 2011
I am finding it very slow to download images embedded in posts.

Steve Williams

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As I said we have been working in this for the past 4 weeks and have found what we feel is a fix for years to come An announcement will be made shortly. FWUW we are all noticing the slowdown. It’s real but we are fixing it shortly.
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Mar 14, 2019
Today, a simple search:

Oops! We ran into some problems.
A server error occurred. Please try again later.

Steve Williams

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We rebooted the server as it is running at capacity as we have so many members on. It is our goal to launch the new server in the coming week. It has taken us almost 2 months to move everything across snd verify its integrity. We are working on the final updates to our plug ins and barring any bugs when we test it is our goal to launch next week. Those who are in the alpha test group for Taiko understand how bugs can creep in with each new update. We apologize for the issues and thank everyone for understanding.


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Mar 27, 2010
We are on it. We are aiming for a server move next weekend. We will inform all members of the exact day this will happen. To get to that stage, we have to complete many tasks in this order:

1. Update Xenforo
2. Update PHP
3. Update MySQL
4. Update Ads Manager.
5 Update Xenporto.
6. Update UI.X framework (big update)
7. Update Classifieds
8. Test the home page and video pages (which are custom built)

All of these updates have to be individually tested for bugs and breaking the site. All the plugins we use are made by different companies or coders (freelance).

If we charge ahead and update enmass, I guarantee the forum will break, and we will be in a bad place indeed. Possibly loose the whole forum and data set going back 6 years.

We also want to reduce forum offline time for the server move. Once all the testing above is done on a mirror forum and server, it has to be done all over again on the Iive forum, and try to do it in 24 hours to reduce down time.

I hope that explains things. We are working hard on it.

Steve Williams

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This has been a monumental task as our database is huge. We all need to give a huge shout out to Julian who has worked on this every day for the past few months. The good news is barring any bugs our hope is to launch next week


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Feb 16, 2022
I don’t know why, but I thought that the new server was already on line. Now I understand I was wrong.

Steve Williams

Site Founder, Site Owner, Administrator
A quick update on our status re the new server .....last week we began adding the updated versions of the plug ins that make the looks and function of our site so nice and one of these did in fact introduce a bug into the system that we have been trying to squash. After over a week of trying and working with the developer of this plug in which was indeed designed for Xenforo platform, turned out to be inoperable in the newest Xenforo version. The app developer threw in the white towel and admitted to us that it won't work on this newest version even though his app was the newest version as well. We very much wanted to find an answer to this dilemma as the app served a very important function, namely allowing us to create promoted threads where we could move interesting threads forward to the special section of "promoted threads" seen in the black nabber at the top of each page . Going forward we have hired a Xenforo programmer to fix the issues that had arisen . The programmer has told us that this is indeed fixable and he has begun work on this giving it his top priority. We will keep everyone in the loop but I want all members to be aware of what's going on.as it has taken now several months to get to this point where we saw the end if the tunnel only to discover this bug. Suffice it to say this has slowed down our hope for launch this week. In the interim the biggest issue seems to be our search function which goes down and requires a restart of the new server. As an FYI we are presently back to the standard Xenforo search function which hiccups as our database is so huge. We also have the famed Elastisearch which drills down to 3 symbols but it is even quirkier on our present Xenforo version. We have a mirror version of this that we have been developing to bring everything current with the latest Xenforo version which we are moving to. I can say with certainty that Elastisearch does work perfect in our testing of this mirror version. Computer programing is not my thing but Julian has been working on this daily now for months and we hit this bug with our final plug in which slowed us now to the point where I have hired a Xenforo programmer to help in this final piece of the puzzle. Julian and I discussed our options, one of which was to eliminate this plug in completely and we would be finished. Having said this both of us as well as some of the members we surveyed all felt that the "promoted threads" button in the Nav Bar serves a very important function ion bringing topical and interesting threads to the front where they can be easily found and appreciated by all.
So once again I bring this news to keep everyone in the loop and as always I thank everyone for their understanding. Many of us here are involved in the Taiko Alpha testers program in the development of the new XDMS control app which has taken well over a year as every new update brought with it a bug that needed squashing and we all had to learn patience as these things happen. We alpha testers however did see the end of the rainbow and the fruits of their labor. The only alpha testers in this new update have been Julian and I. Julian is a complete perfectionist and will never release something with which he is not 100% pleased with. The good news when all of this is done is not only will we be using the most current Xenforo platform but we will be on a much quicker server which we desperately need as the number of users (members and lurkers) on daily has been the reason we have seen such slow down. Please check this thread periodically for news of the update. We are so close that we were heartbroken when we thought adding this final updated plug in would bring us to the final line this week or next only to find this bug appearing and the app developer throwing up his arms in defeat. We feel it is an important function to have and this is the reason I have hired the Xenforo developer to help make this happen


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Apr 20, 2010
Metro DC
Speed cost money.
"Never look a gift horse in the mouth."

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